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The Butt Book

The Butt Book is one of a kind, devoted entirely to giving you a rock hard, curvaceous derriere in the safest and quickest time possible. It works! Yes, fat or thin, short or tall, young or not so young, The Butt Book can help you transform your rear end to the super roundness and firmness that men respect and women admire. Act now! Buy this book today and let your exciting new life unfold. The dream begins.


  • What a beautiful backside should look like.
  • Five exercises you can do without equipment to shape a better backside.
  • What nutrition has to do with a tight derriere.
  • One week of Eat Clean menus.
  • One week of Eat Clean recipes.
  • One week of Eat Clean Slimming Soup recipes.
  • How to carve a noteworthy rear view with exercise.


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