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Tosca Reno’s Strike Sugar ebook

Are you ready to sparkle and shine in a whole new way? Then it's time to start a no sugar diet. Download my 30 day Strike Sugar Challenge developed with a never-before-seen eBook filled with daily meal plans for ALL 30 DAYS and exciting new Eat-Clean® recipes! Join me as we cleanse our bodies’ blood sugar control mechanisms, shed pounds and boost our energy levels.


    • A downloadable eBook with over 160+ pages of relevant information
    • A 4-week menu plan complete with planned meals and all-new Eat-Clean Diet® recipes you'll love
    • A nutrition plan designed to help you recalibrate your body’s blood sugar control mechanisms and reset the crucial organs involved with handling blood sugar
    • A discussion of what to expect as you make positive, subtle changes both in and outside of your body
    • A description of macronutrients – proteins, carbs, fat, and how to eat each of them to truly benefit from their nutritional value
    • Lists of Strike Sugar Challenge approved greens, proteins, herbs, fat, spices and more
    • Overarching principles of the challenge
    • Access to Tosca Reno’s Strike Sugar Challenge forum where you can log on, share results, ask questions, post pictures and so much more...


TOSCA RENO and TRIM promise that the Eat-Clean experience of this NTA approved, 30-day Blood Sugar Control Challenge will make a positive impact on your health.Do you want to beat cravings? Do you want to have better sex? Do you want to lose weight? Have clearer skin? Have more energy? Sleep better? Then this challenges is for you! This protocol has further been approved by Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND, thus never placing you in any harm.I congratulate your decision to banish sugar, a most dangerous food, from your life!



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