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Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet® Family & Kids ebook

Who’s ready to learn how to nourish our families following easy, quick, delicious Eat Clean guidelines? Struggling with picky eaters? Starved for time in the kitchen? Out of ideas of what to pack for the kid’s school lunches? Download Tosca’s Eat Clean Diet® Family & Kids eBook filled with the why’s and how’s of the mind and body and detailed with the daily food we must all eat – even the littlest ones! Join Tosca as we Clean Up the Family and get back on the track to living the eat clean life.


  • A downloadable interactive eBook with over 160+ pages of guidelines, infographics and recipes
  • 40++ New Eat-Clean Diet® recipes the entire family will love including Pizza (with a Cauliflower Pizza Crust), Smoothies, Granola Bars, Pancakes, Tacos, Meatloaf and so much more...
  • A detailed and visual description of macronutrients – Vegetables, Fruits + Grains, Fats and Proteins and how to proportionately eat each of them to truly benefit from their nutritional value
  • Comparing Dirty vs Clean Foods – you might be surprised by what you see!
  • Rebuilding Your Pantry – What to Throw out and What to Restock with!
  • The Eat Clean Body – How to incorporate exercise into your family’s life and why it’s more important than ever!
  • A Family That Eats Clean, Stays Clean – Portion Guide to Eating Clean no matter how old or young your family members might be
  • And so much more to discover!



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